Retractable gate/fence system

The FANCY FENCE system is designed as sections that are sunk into the ground in an open position. What differentiates them from traditional solutions is that they can be put together to form a retractable fence of any length.

The gate mechanism, including gate span, electric drive, counterweights, guiderails and a system of pulleys, is hidden in a narrow concrete vault in the ground. The span, drive and counterweights (with the mass equal to the mass of gate leaf and span) are connected by a system of steel cables and pulleys. This makes it possible to use a conventional low-power electric sliding gate drive. Such configuration ensures reliable, easy and safe operation and maintenance of the entire system.

Grafik Aufbau


  1. Removable cover plates
  2. Manual mode inspection hatch
  3. Counterweight
  4. Drive
  5. Water drainage pump
  6. Movable gate leaf
  7. Concrete vault
  8. Fence
  9. Photocells
  10. Signalling lights

Quick opening/closing

The time taken to fully open and close our gate is much shorter when compared to traditional gate solutions. This gives the FANCY FENCE system an unparalleled advantage over our competitors. This is due to the shorter distance travelled by the leaf and the counterweight system that allows to use faster speeds on the electric drive.

No snow removal necessary

Conventional automatic gates, be it a swing or sliding gate, need snow to be removed from the gate area in winter. This is not the case with the FANCY-FENCE system as the gate sinks into a concrete vault.

Inclined driveway installation

Vertical travel of the leaf makes the FANCY FENCE gate the only gate available in the market that can be installed on inclined terrain without having to level the ground around it. On the sites with a slope perpendicular to the leaf plane, it is recommended to make a channel drainage along the top side of the concrete vault to prevent an excessive amount of water getting into the vault. On the sites with a slope direction parallel to the gate leaf, the top line of the leaf goal can be levelled horizontally or in parallel to the ground. In the latter case, picket height will be different on both ends of the gate leaf.

Precise installation

To achieve the desired effect, implementation of each project is preceded by a thorough site analysis. Installation works are always carried out by well-trained technicians. This guarantees the highest quality of installation. Moreover, we have specially developed procedures in place to minimise the installation-associated inconvenience.

Unlimited arrangement options

It is possible to arrange the fence, gate and wicket in any configuration. As a standard arrangement we offer steel pickets. They can be cladded with any material of your choice as an option. The range of available arrangement materials in this region are:

Steel pickets

HPL sheets

Corten steel panel sheets

Agglomerated quartz slabs

Enhanced safety

FANCY FENCE gates are equipped with sensors installed on the outer components of the fence, on both gate sides. When the light beam is broken by an object, the gate stops moving. In addition to this, the gate is fitted with overload sensors which are installed as a standard in the electric drives we provide with our gates. Unlike other gates, our retractable gates are safe for people, pets and property, even if all safety devices fail. This is simply because the FANCY FENCE gates do not have any components against which a crushing force would be induced when closing.

Manual operation

The gate can be opened or closed manually in case of power failure. A special crank is used to activate manual operation. The manual mode mechanism is located in the service opening in the central cover. The leaf-counterweight system is balanced so that the leaf can be lifted or sunk effortlessly.

Invisible wicket

Our wickets have no standard hinges and they open and close by rotating around the end picket. This is possible due to the use of a horizontal beam that binds the pickets together. The beam is placed slightly below the walkway level. This perfectly integrates the wicket with the rest of the fence making it “invisible”. But if you want your wicket to be shown, it can be done by using materials or colours of your choice.