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System that makes the difference

We develop and manufacture innovative gates and fences that retract into the ground. The FANCY FENCE system is patent-protected. It is a simple design that ensures seamless operation and a timeless look.


Our solutions may be used in many areas of application.

Our customers will feel safe and secure, experiencing privacy with no obstructions to their views. The FANCY FENCE system is based on standard fence and gate components that have been innovatively arranged. The design of our fences is not only attractive, it also makes it possible for them to be adapted to fit in seamlessly with any architectural style without cluttering the ambience. This makes our system suitable for private properties as well as for public areas.

The fencing system is made up of gate leaves that can be entirely sunk into the ground. Another great advantage is the time taken to completely open and close the gate, which is much shorter compared to other gates available in the market.

We’ll make it!



By using the same components as for standard sliding gates, the FANCY-FENCE system is just as reliable as sliding gates. As with other gates, the most common operating issues are caused by the drive unit that is easily accessible by lifting the central cover. Annual maintenance and inspection by our service team ensures trouble-free operation. Maintenance operations take place inside the vault therefore all the covers must be lifted and put aside.

We’ll make it!

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