Cold and snow does not affect the proper operation of the FANCY FENCE system as its design is based on standard elements designed for use in all weather conditions. Unlike conventional sliding gates, the entire mechanism is hidden under the covers in the concrete vault where temperature is quite stable, ranging approx. 0-5°C. It should also be noted that the retractable gate remains closed 99% of the time and its pickets protrude above the ground level. When the gate is opened, any ice that may have accumulated around cover holes breaks under the weight of the leaf sinking into the vault.


Rain or condensation does not compromise the proper functioning of the system either because all components are intended for outdoor installation. The reinforced concrete vault is in principle watertight. Water may get inside only through the holes in vault covers. Any water that entered the vault due to the vault bottom gradient accumulates in a small recess on the bottom. This is where a pump is installed which automatically pumps the water out. In the event of a natural disaster, such as a tidal wave or a flood, the power supply is automatically cut off.


There are two options in the event of a power failure. The first one is to open or close the gate manually. The manual mode is activated with a special key through a service opening located in the central cover. The leaf-counterweight system is balanced so that the leaf can be lifted or sunk effortlessly. The second option is to purchase a gate with an integrated battery that can withstand 5 to 10 cycles.


FANCY FENCE gates are equipped with sensors installed on the outer components of the fence. When the light beam is broken by an object or a person, the gate stops moving. In addition to this, the gate is fitted with overload sensors which are installed in the electric drives we provide with our gates. Unlike other gates, our retractable gates are safe for people, pets and property, even if all safety devices fail. This is simply because the FANCY FENCE gates do not have any components against which a crushing force would be induced when closing.


By using the same components as for standard sliding gates, the FANCY-FENCE system is just as reliable as sliding gates. As with other gates, the most common operating issues are caused by the drive unit that is easily accessible by lifting the central cover. Annual maintenance and inspection by our service team ensures trouble-free operation. Maintenance operations take place inside the vault therefore all the covers must be lifted and put aside.


Due to the installation technology, number of system components (sealed concrete vault, gate mechanism, drainage, covers, counterweights, etc.) and the quality of the materials, the cost of a single-leaf FANCY FENCE gate is much higher than that of a conventional sliding gate.

However, if the fence, wicket and the gate are considered as a complete system, the total cost is not high as compared to other available solutions. According to a study made by us, total cost of a 50-metre fence (components and workmanship) is comparable to other fencing systems of similar quality.

The offer includes delivery and installation of the retractable gate and the fence. The concrete vault is to be made individually by a customer, according to specifications provided by us. As a separate service, if so requested by you, we can arrange a contractor, who will build the vault or even erect the shell of the entire building.

Each project is quoted individually, once we know your requirements. Price-affecting factors are the materials used, width of the gate and fence length.