The FANCY FENCE fencing system is an ideal solution for residential buildings. It features an original signature look and is suitable for single-family houses, apartment buildings and housing estates. A great advantage is the possibility of having the gates installed in unfavourable and difficult terrain, such as inclined driveways, narrow plots and garages/parking spaces near the fence line. Gate width is not an issue any more as FANCY FENCE gates may be of any width.

An important element of the system are wickets, which integrate perfectly into the rest of the fence, and are ‘invisible’. They can be ordered as a fine addition to the gate for vehicles. Our wickets are equipped with a standard electric lock. This allows them to be unlocked remotely.

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  • installation on narrow plots or inclined driveways
  • unlimited configurations
  • optional hidden wicket
  • very short opening/closing time, irrespective of the gate width
  • effortless manual operation in case of power outage
  • quick installation of the fence
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  1. Removable cover plates
  2. Manual mode inspection hatch
  3. Counterweight
  4. Drive
  5. Water drainage pump
  6. Movable gate leaf
  7. Concrete vault
  8. Fence
  9. Photocells
  10. Signalling lights


You can create any fence configuration by choosing from the following available elements and materials:

Steel pickets

HPL sheets

Corten steel panel sheets

Vault covers

It is possible to order various style cover plates:

  • standard steel covers with or without anti-slip coating
  • tray-covers that can be cladded with a material of your liking, such as granite or concrete pavers
  • stainless steel covers

Cover hole caps

The gate usually remains closed in residential applications. This is why it is not necessary to close the holes in covers that the leaf travels through.

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standard steel cover plates, with or without anti-slip coating

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cover plates that match any arrangement of your choice