The retractable fence system by FANCY FENCE is an ideal alternative to conventional pool safety fences that are installed to protect outdoor swimming pools from uncontrolled access by children and animals. It features an exceptional look and functionality. Our fence is made of individually operable sections which allows for sinking or lifting of all or single sections to fence off the entire pool area or a part of it, depending on your requirements.
Key advantages:

  • available in any length and shape of retractable fence
  • opening of specific sections or entire safety fence
  • fence sections made of tempered safety glass
  • simplified manual operation mode


  1. Removable cover plates
  2. Counterweight
  3. Drive
  4. Water drainage pump
  5. Movable gate leaf
  6. Concrete vault
  7. Manual mode inspection hatch
Grafik Glass


You can create any fence configuration by choosing from the following available elements and materials:

Steel pickets

HPL sheets

Corten steel panel sheets

Tempered glass


It is possible to order various style cover plates:

  • standard steel covers with or without anti-slip coating
  • tray-covers that can be cladded with a material of your liking, such as decorative stone, tiles, wooden deck panels
Piktogramm Abdeckung 6

standard steel cover plates, with or without anti-slip coating

Piktogramm Abdeckung 9

cover plates that match any arrangement of your choice

Cover hole caps

In addition to the standard non-capped finish, hinged flaps are available:

Piktogramm Abdeckung 2


Piktogramm Abdeckung 1