Safety of public gatherings is always of great importance. With the FANCY FENCE system you can securely fence off certain zones without the need for labour-intensive preparations. Special heavy-duty steel and concrete pickets are excellent protection against a fence ram, and also enable organisers to control access without permanently affecting the architecture of the surrounding area.

Key advantages:

  • available in any length and shape of the retractable fence
  • heavy-duty steel and concrete pickets that prevent a fence ram
  • ease of ensuring entry and exit and/or evacuation passage
  • effortless manual operation in case of power outage
  • anti-panic system

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  1. Removable cover plates
  2. Manual mode inspection hatch
  3. Counterweight
  4. Drive
  5. Water drainage pump
  6. Movable gate leaf
  7. Concrete vault
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Safe zones fenced off by our enhanced strength fences ensure a high level of safety. They are made of heavy-duty steel pickets with a reinforced concrete core that can withstand, for example, motorised terrorist attacks.

Steel pickets

Vault covers

It is possible to produce covers in different variants:

  • standard steel covers with or without anti-slip coating
  • tray-covers that can be cladded with a material of your liking, such as granite or concrete pavers
  • stainless steel covers
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standard steel cover plates, with or without anti-slip coating

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cover plates that match any arrangement of your choice

Cover hole caps

For safe zones, it is recommended to use covers with cover hole caps. We offer the following options:

  • overhanging caps (installed on the pickets)
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