Some public areas have to be temporarily closed. These include train/metro stations, shopping arcades, parks and areas around public buildings. With the FANCY FENCE system public areas can be quickly and effortlessly closed at certain times. When the fence is in an open position, the fence sections are hidden in the ground making them invisible. This means that there is no physical obstruction or interference with the architecture.
Key advantages:

  • available in any length and shape of the retractable fence
  • cover hole caps to prevent dirt getting into the vault
  • large cross-section steel pickets, if required
  • effortless manual operation in case of power outage


  1. Removable cover plates
  2. Manual mode inspection hatch
  3. Counterweight
  4. Drive
  5. Water drainage pump
  6. Movable gate leaf
  7. Concrete vault


To ensure safety and minimize the risk of vandalism, the fences in public areas are designed with large cross-section pickets. The following elements and materials are used:

Steel pickets

HPL sheets

Corten steel panel sheets

Vault covers

It is possible to order various style cover plates:

  • standard steel covers with or without anti-slip coating
  • tray-covers that can be cladded with a material of your liking, such as granite or concrete pavers
  • stainless steel covers
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standard steel cover plates, with or without anti-slip coating

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cover plates that match any arrangement of your choice

Cover hole caps

For public areas, it is recommended to use covers with cover hole caps. We offer the following options:

  • hinged flaps
  • overhanging caps (installed on the pickets)
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